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Tales of Fairy

Meet the characters

The Tales of Fairy series tells the story of Freddie and Aiden trying to overcome the odds to both be together and seek justice amidst a fae civil war. They battle prejudice, racism, and evil curses while working together to build a relationship despite being on opposite sides of the conflict.


Wynifred (Freddie) Jones

Seventeen-year-old human Freddie, is an aspiring journalist. She's a student at the magically diverse boarding school, New Wall. Freddie fights for equality between fae and humans and finds herself questioning how far she should go for truth and justice.


Aiden is a fae soldier, unable to disobey the leaders of the Dark Fae Army. Despite his kind nature, his thirst for revenge against the fae who killed his parents drives him to willingly serve as a vicious soldier. When he meets Freddie he begins to question if revenge is truly worth his heart.

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Pelrin is the prince of the Summer Realm in Fairy. He formerly dated Freddie, but was dumped after he cheated on her. Now he desperately wants to win her back, but he's torn between his effort and fighting against the Dark Fae Army to protect his people. 


Mare is a mysterious shadow fae serving in the Dark Fae Army. She's like a sister to Aiden, but keeps her past close to her heart. As she learns about the cruelties he faces she becomes fiercely protective, and struggles to rationalize her place in the war versus the people she loves.

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